Brilliant Quality Nursing School Allied Health Patientcare Level 2

Allied Health Patient care level 2 clusters


                                    TERM 1

CSACOR0011A Apply basic communication skills Core 30  

CSACOR0021A Plan and organize work Core 10  

CSACOR0031A Carry out measurements and calculations Core 30  

CSACOR0041A Perform interactive workplace communication Core 10  

CSACOR0061A Participate in workplace safety procedures Core 20  

CSACOR0071A Maintain a safe, clean and efficient work environment 


CSACOR0081A Prepare bed for occupancy Core 10  

CSACOR0091A Apply basic first aid Core 40  

CSACOR0101A Contribute to a harmonious and efficient work environment Core 10 ITI  COR0011A Carry out data entry and retrieval procedures Core 40  

CSAHCA0102A Prepare medical equipment and supplies Core 20  

CSAHCA0012A Provide nutritional care Core 40  

                                            TERM 3 

CSAHCA0032A Assist care recipient with medication Core 40  

CSAHCA0042A Attend to sanitation and hygiene care Core 50  

CSAHCA0052A Assess skin status/condition and implement preventative and corrective measures Core 30 CSAHCA0062A Measure vital signs Core 60  

                                              TERM 4 

CSAHCA0072A Administer nursing procedure under supervision Core 60 

CSAHCA0022A Care for the dying person Core 40  

CSAHCA0112A Provide support to persons with disabilities Core 35  

CSAHCA0082A Provide care for persons with HIV/AIDS Core 30