Vaginale Womb Medical Detox Gynecology Vaginal Tighten Gel Vaginitis Treatment Gynecology Hygiene Nursing

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Vaginale Womb Medical Detox Gynecology Vaginal Tighten Gel Vaginitis Treatment Gynecology Hygiene Nursing

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Product Manual 

[Product] Medical gynecological inflammation gel

[Specifications] 5g/piece

[For people]

Vaginitis, vaginal detoxification, uterine detoxification, cervical erosion, abnormal leucorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, acute adnexitis, private odor, vaginal relaxation, aging, dryness, redness, itching and other gynecological inflammations


1. 100% official authentic, authentic guarantee!

2. Our products are quality-tested, safety guaranteed, and use with confidence!

3. This product is specially designed for gynecological diseases, using medical sterile polymer materials, effectively alleviating a variety of gynecological inflammatory diseases

4. Mild and not irritating. The PH value of the female vulva is 3.5~4.5, and the PH value of the vulva is 4~6. The PH of our product is 4.5, which is close to the healthy pH of the vagina, which is gentle and safe.

5. Strong antibacterial. Strong antibacterial effect on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans

[Package Delivery]

1. We will protect your privacy, no sensitive product information will be displayed on the express box, please rest assured to buy

2. The outer packaging of the three products are different, but the ingredients and effects are exactly the same, and they will be shipped randomly

[Production Date] April 02, 2021

[Expiration date] April 01, 2023


1. Wash hands and affected area and keep them dry

2. Push the gel directly to the discomfort, or apply it directly to the discomfort, once a day

3. The catheter is for one-time use, throw it away when used up

4. Do not wear underwear or pants within 10 minutes after use to ensure that the product is absorbed by the skin instead of being wiped off

5. Do not masturbate or have sex during treatment

[Precautions for use]

1. It is strictly forbidden to use it during menstruation

2. Pregnant women, people with allergies, and those with damaged wounds are prohibited

3. Foreign articles, do not enter the mouth, do not enter the eyes

4. Keep this product out of reach of children

[Some causes of gynecological inflammation]

1. Not paying attention to personal hygiene

2. Sex during menstruation

3. STD infections

4. Sitting for a long time

5. Wear tight pants often

6. Cleaning the vulva is unscientific

[Precautions during the treatment of gynecological inflammation]

1. Avoid sexual behavior. Because sexual behavior can change the vaginal environment of women, thereby aggravating inflammation and affecting the normal therapeutic effect.

2. Keep the perineum hygiene. Some gynecological inflammation is caused by bad hygiene habits, so we must pay attention to wearing cotton, loose, breathable underwear as much as possible to keep the vulva clean and dry.

3. Light diet. Avoid spicy food.

4. Standardized medication. For some common gynecological inflammations, we must follow the doctor’s advice, standardize medication, and avoid the abuse of antibiotics. If antibiotics are abused, it will easily lead to bacterial resistance, which will affect the therapeutic effect.

[Storage] Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place

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